Hmmm… How does this Blog thing work then

Thought I would write a short piece to upload and then test out the formatting of this new adventure… my blog of the World, according to a Sailing Yacht Captain.

The fact that I am un-employed at present means that this will be quite a short article to start with, but I hope that I will be able to add many interesting stories about places and people (both on and off the boat) as I get going with this. It will be historical to start with before I get into new stuff, but should be entertaining none the less.

I hope it will provide a useful vehicle to stay in touch with family and friends as well as possibly inspiring to those whom want to travel and explore, or who may consider entering this ‘industry’ for a career.

Anyway… that’s about it for the moment… now to play at getting a format I like.

The town where 'Jaws' was filmed Me (left) and my mates Rick (Middle) and Andy (Right)

About Cartman-Sailing

Sailing Yacht Captain & Outdoors Addict, MCA Master(Y) 500gt Diver, Hiker, Mountain Biker, and Tea Drinker!
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2 Responses to Hmmm… How does this Blog thing work then

  1. shalimar says:

    crew antics? like spilling varnish on teaks?

  2. Merrin says:

    Why didn’t you tell me that you write a blog, nice.. Merrin

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